Visual Arts

The Art programme  at NMS has at its core the power of imagination and its underlying strength in the building of flexible, creative, analytical, inquisitive and humanistic minds; Visual education at NMS is based on the understanding that art is for everyone not just the "talented" few. The art department believes that visual education is an integral part of a liberal arts education. To be educated wholistically is to be more aware of the rich history of human ideas as expressed in the arts and more focused on the ever changing, more global, multicultural and technologically advanced work of the 21st Century. 

Studies in the visual arts encourage students to trust their ability to see, to gather information, to think about their observations and to believe in their innate sensibilities. The Art department emphasises the development of creative ideas in relation to the understanding of skills, history and new technology.


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Neerja Modi School took immense pleasure in hosting the Annual Prize Giving Function and Annual Art Exhibition in the school premise. Around 450 students participated.
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The 11th International Art Camp was organized at Neerja Modi School Visual and Performing Art Centre from Nov. 23, to November 28, 2016.

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Three days Art Festival Camp in Memory of Padmashree Ram Gopal Vijayvargiya.Our students participated in Art camp.