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11th International Art Camp & Exhibition on Visual and Performing Art

The 11th International Art Camp was organized at Neerja Modi School Visual and Performing Art Centre from Nov. 23, to November 28, 2016.

A vast milieu of Indian and International Artists, of powerful credentials such as Mr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay and Mr. Nathrlal Verma from Rajasthan, Mr. Achuttan Kudallur from Kearla, Mr. Asit Kumar Patnayak from Orissa, Ms. Gogi Sarojpal from Delhi, Mr. K. Khosa from Himachal, Mr. Laxman Aelay from Hyderabad, Mr. Pradeep Puthoor from Trivanduram, Mr. Ramesh Gorjala from Andhara Pradesh, Mr. Jamal Ahmed from Bangladesh, Ms.Vishakha Apte from Maharastra and Mr. R.B. Bhaskaran from Chennai participated in the six day Art Camp.

This Annual Art Camp is an exceptional unique opportunity for Artists, Art enthusiasts to set up a creative environment where students of our school get a first hand opportunity to witness the creative genius of powerful minds and the techniques they employ for visual expression.

The culmination of the art camp resulted in a vibrant final exhibition of the diverse set of art works created by the artists.