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Alumni meet is one of the most memorable day each year. Organised in the cold winter evening every year in December, the evening turns warmer with the entry of each ex-student of NMS. The atmosphere around the campus gets nostalgic. 

Students from various batches gather to reminiscence their journey. Everyone eagerly awaits to be enthralled. The excitement to meet  batch mates, school friends and the teachers can be felt in the air. Everyone seems to have grown up but for the teachers it is never difficult to recognize them. The programme starts with a welcome address followed by a cultural programme and the introduction of the students. It is heart warming to know about the journey and success stories of our students. When the students share their fondest memories of the school their sense of pride and belongingness is clearly seen on their faces.

The evening seems to be never ending with everyone on the dance floor, followed by a grand dinner. It seems nobody wants to leave the premises. Everyone bids good bye to the Alma mater with a promise to meet again.